Jobs and Careers in Marine Biology

The field of marine biology and ocean sciences is a multi-disciplinary field and encompasses a broad scope of subject areas. Marine biology jobs can be challenging but also very rewarding, and there are a number of career opportunities available in coastal regions around the world. You can find more information about marine biology jobs during the final years of training at a marine biologist school or college, and may be able to get a head start on careers in marine biology through an internship or externship program. Take some time to look at a marine biologist job description sample to see if this type of role is something you could be interested in for the long-term.

Types of Marine Biology Jobs

Most marine biology jobs are research-based and require the biologist to perform a variety of tests and experiments. Marine biology jobs require oceanographers to solve various types of problems pertaining to the ocean and marine environments. These jobs typically focus on the following:

  • Role of the ocean and how it affects climate change
  • The different types of pharmaceuticals found in marine organisms
  • Effects of sea floors spreading to different tectonic plates
  • Economic deposits on the sea floor
  • Role of long shore transport and the distribution of sand on the beach
  • Prediction of rogue waves
  • How different pollutants in the environment affect organisms

Careers in Marine Biology

Careers in marine biology range from research positions based in labs, to technical jobs in the field. Marine biologists are trained to study marine organisms, behaviors and observe how these organisms interact with the environment. Careers in marine biology may specialize in a certain field, including physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, geological oceanography and molecular biology. Marine biotechnology is a growing field and is one of the fastest-growing careers in marine biology and ocean sciences.

Components of a Marine Biologist Job Description

Marine biologists are trained to research sea life and learn about the different types of organisms dwelling in the ocean. When you're researching careers in marine biology or want to learn about the different types of marine biology jobs, take a look at a sample marine biologist job description. The typical job description for marine biology jobs typically includes the following components:

  • Basic job duties - a brief description about the nature of the role of the marine biologist with the prospective employer. This section may describe what the marine biologist does, what is the main focus of their research projects, and where they will be working.
  • Training and education requirements - the marine biologist job description will highlight the type of degree needed for the position. Most entry-level positions require at least a bachelor's degree, while aquatic scientist and research positions require a master's degree or higher.
  • Key duties and responsibilities - this will be a bulleted list or summary of the different activities the marine biologist will be responsible for performing on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. This may include the types of experiments they will be performing, lab work duties and various research projects.