Scholarships and Grants in Marine Biology

The cost of marine biology undergraduate and graduate programs can be fairly high for the average student, but some students qualify for marine biology scholarships and grants. If you are thinking of declaring a marine biology major at the undergraduate level, check with your college advisor about any scholarships that are available for students completing a bachelor's degree in the field. If you are completing a masters or doctorate degree, you may be eligible for grants to cover the costs of your education.

Many marine biology scholarships and grants cover the cost of tuition, fieldwork studies and related expenses. These financial awards do not need to be paid back and can help students complete their degree programs without worrying about finances.

Types of Marine Biology Scholarships

Marine biology scholarships are typically awarded on an annual or semester basis, and many are granted by private organizations. You can also find several scholarships from private colleges and universities offering marine biology degree programs and ocean science training programs. Examples of scholarships available in the United States include:

  • Martha Johnston Memorial Scholarship
  • Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc. Scholarship
  • Brian M. Shamel Memorial Scholarship
  • Joan Crebbin Memorial Scholarship
  • John Colucci, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Ada L. Sawyer Scholarship for Oceanography
  • Geoffrey Dimmmick Memorial Fellowship
  • Friends of Oceanography Scholarship
  • Erin Valentine Scholarship in Marine Biology
  • Douglas R. Cooper Scholarship
  • Dovie P. Bowden Scholarship
  • Lance A. Ricci Scholarship
  • Lavern Weber Visiting Scientist Fellowship
  • Charles & Kay Bolles Marine Biology Scholarship
  • Martin T. Dalton Scholarship
  • Greenwich Bay Power Squadron & Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship
  • Alice Blum. Yoakum Scholarship Fund

Some marine biology scholarships accept applications year round while others have strict deadlines and are only awarded at certain times of the year. You can find information about different types of scholarships by doing an online search and searching through scholarship databases. Some scholarships can only be used at certain schools and for a particular program, while others are awarded to anyone who has declared a marine biology major or is pursuing an educational career in marine science and research.

Marine Biology Grants

A number of environmental protection agencies, conservation advocacy organizations and research centers offer marine biology grants to graduate and doctorate degree students. These grants are designed to fund research projects and may give recipients a chance to work closely with the grant-giving organization at some point in their educational career. Most marine biology grants are awarded only to students who are studying at the graduate or doctorate level, and the eligibility criteria varies significantly by organization and the type of research project the grant is designed for.

You can find marine biology grants from organizations and research centers such as:

  • Marine Conservation Biology Institute
  • Reish Grant for Marine Biology
  • Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant
  • North Carolina Marine Fisheries Management Fellowship
  • Charleston Scientific and Cultural Education Grant
  • Slocum-Lunz Foundation
  • Joanna Deep Water Fund Fellowships
  • Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship
  • Steven Berkeley Marine Conservation Fellowship