Online Marine Biologist Degree Programs

Marine biology degree programs can be challenging and require a significant amount of hands-on training in the field. However, a career as a marine biologist can be very rewarding and many people working towards their marine biology degree complete at least a graduate degree program in order to work in the fields of research, on conservation projects, or to work at sea. Marine biology degree programs can prepare you for an exciting career as a marine biologist, ocean scientists or researcher, and you may be able to complete a portion of your marine biology degree online.

Marine Biology Degree Options

Most marine biologists have at least a graduate-level marine biology degree. Undergraduate degree programs in this field typically prepare students for an entry-level position or a graduate degree program, and leave students with limited career options in the long-term. Most employers - including research centers, ocean science facilities and private entities - prefer students to have at least a master's degree in this field because this level of training includes extensive hands-on training and typically requires the student to work in the field for at least one semester.

You'll find the following types of marine biology degree options at various colleges, universities and training centers around the United States:

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology with a focus on research in marine biology
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with a focus on research in marine biology
  • Master of Science in Biology with a concentration in Marine Ecology
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Marine Science
  • Master of Science in Marine Biology
  • Master of Science in Oceanography and Marine Resource Assessment
  • Master of Science in Biology with a concentration in Marine Ecology
  • Master of Science in Biology, Physical Oceanography and Chemical Biology

Many master's marine biology degree programs include one or two semesters working at a field station in a remote area or working at sea. For example, students may be required to complete some marine biology research projects and study tropical marine life and ecology at a field station in the Dominican Republic and other parts of South America. Some colleges and universities located in coastal states have their own research and science labs located in the ocean, and give students a chance to complete their fieldwork requirements onsite. Every school that offers marine biology degree programs has different training and education requirements, but all accredited schools require students to complete a series of general education courses and a set of specialized courses that concentrate on marine biology and ocean sciences.

Completing a Marine Biology Degree Online

When you're ready to apply to marine biologist schools and universities that offer marine biology graduate degree programs, you'll need to make sure you have fulfilled certain educational requirements and understand what a marine biology career entails. Many marine biology schools offer career seminars and host presentations to introduce potential students to the field of marine biology. Attending one of these events can help you better understand the significance of marine biology in the world today, and determine whether this is the right career path for you.

While there aren't any complete online marine biologist degree programs available, it is possible to take some of marine biologist courses online. It's not possible to complete an entire marine biology degree online, but it is possible to fulfill some general education requirements and complete some specialized courses over the Web. These courses are typically set up in a virtual classroom setting and give students a chance to work through Web-based tutorials, attend online lectures, participate in discussion groups, complete simulations and also complete tests and exams over the Web.