Online Marine Biologist Universities and Colleges

Marine biologists are trained to study saltwater life and ocean sciences, and must complete a rigorous degree program at an accredited marine biology college or university. Some of the top ranking marine biologist universities and marine biology colleges in the United States offer both classroom-based and online degree programs in the field of marine biology, and you'll find colleges that offer marine biology courses and training programs all across the state. While some colleges for marine biology do offer online courses, the entire degree in this field cannot be completed over the Web. Students must complete a significant amount of hands-on training at marine biology colleges so that they can get some real-world experience in the field.

Training Programs at Marine Biologist Universities

Marine biology colleges offer comprehensive training programs that include both classroom-based training and lab work. Students spend a good portion of their time observing marine life in its natural environment and may complete fieldwork at an ocean or reservoir. Some schools offer training programs were students spend a semester at sea. Aquariums and research centers focused on marine life typically work with students who are attending marine biology colleges by offering internships and other training programs to supplement the student's education.

Some colleges that offer marine biology programs also give students a chance to complete a portion of their training online. Web-based training may include online lectures and tutorials, simulations and quizzes or tests that are completed over the Web. Students enrolled in these types of programs at marine biologist universities still need to fulfill their fieldwork requirements at a specified location.

Top Marine Biology Colleges in the United States

If you're looking for the best marine biologist colleges and top marine biology colleges in the United States, check the latest rankings to find out which schools are offering the most competitive programs. The rankings for the top marine biology colleges in the U.S. change from year to year, and are calculated based on several factors. Many Ivy League schools and colleges located on the coast offer some of the country's best marine biology degree programs.

Some of the top marine biology colleges in the United States include:

  • Harvard University - Degree in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology with a Marine Biology & Biological Oceanography track
  • Cornell University - Biology Degree with a specialization in Marine Biology
  • Duke University - B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Marine Biology
  • University of Miami - programs at the Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
  • University of Texas at Austin - Programs at the Marine Science Institute
  • Boston University - B.A. in Marine Science
  • University of California Berkeley - Earth & Planetary Science Major with a Marine Biology track
  • University of California Santa Barbara - offers field studies in the Pacific with a B.S. in Aquatic Biology
  • University of Washington - B.S. in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences with a focus on sustainable fisheries and ecosystem-based management

Courses at Online Marine Biology Colleges

Only a handful of courses are available at online marine biology colleges and students must take a combination of both classroom-based and online courses to fulfill their educational requirements. Students can train for entry-level positions with a bachelor's degree in the field, but most employers prefer at least a master's degree or a doctorate degree. Students enrolled in online marine biology courses typically learn about general subjects including oceanography, fisheries biology, marine ecology, phycology and botany.